If there is one thing that San Diego Pest Control is familiar dealing with, it’s bees, hornets, and wasps. Many houses in the area has backyard with trees and flower beds. That is why it is prone to infestation with these kinds of pest.

Throughout the years, we require our specialists to undergo training sessions and seminars to educate themselves on how to handle this type of pest. As these are classified into 3 different types of creatures, they also have similarities.


Bees Removal

They are known to be the only insect to contribute food to humans, which is known as honey.

It is important for an individual who will remove the hive to know the basics of proper removal. They must be shielded or have a protective gear, and be physically fit to do so.

DIY: How to remove bees from our yard and prevent them from coming inside the house?

It is good to search online for do-it-yourself remedies. As a pest expert, we will present to you safe ways to remove or prevent it on your own.

  1. Vinegar Spray Solution. Known as the excellent cleaning agent, it has been used by many households to treat certain smells and bacteria. This can also be used to keep bees out of your yard. Just put equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle, shake it well. At night, spray it in the areas where you think they are or directly in their hive. Dead bees will be on the ground tomorrow morning, so make sure that you sweep these before it is eaten by ants.
  2. Soda Trap. Sweets are the number one weakness of this pest. If you have extra soda in your refrigerator, you may want to do this to lessen the number of bees. Cut a soda bottle or can in half and fill it with soda. Place it near their nest. This is an environment friendly method that can kill multiple bees in no time.
  3. Cinnamon. Have an extra cinnamon on your cupboard? You can grab a handful and sprinkle it on the areas where you think they are nesting. Do this for 5 days and you’ll see that they will move away from that place.
  4. Moth Balls. These white ball shape pesticide is not only for cockroach but you can also hang these near the bee hive area and surroundings of your yard. They are not fond of the smell of these so you can hang as many as you can to keep them away.
  5. Call San Diego Pest Control. If you are scared by their sting, and they are uncontrollable, you may call us at any time. We will beat your doorstep as fast as we can and take care of it in a safe and professional way.


Wasps Solutions

Most wasps look like bees. This is because of the color and their sting is quite the same. They are active during summer or warm months.

Do not remove wasps nest by yourself! Moving or poking their nest may cause them to sting you. Their sting can be fatal to one’s health.

With that note, you may call San Diego Pest Control at any time you encounter this kind of pest. Our experts are equipped with protective gear to help target their nest effectively and not causing harm to you, your families, and on your homes.


Hornets Removal

Same with bees and wasps, their nests are also in a hive. They also have sting. But unlike bees, they can repeatedly use their stinger on humans or other animals.

Their sting is also more venomous than wasps. You can tell them apart by the size of their bodies.


To remove all these 3 kinds of pest, it is safe to say that you must contact San Diego Pest Control. We will help you address the issue and provide you with long-lasting solutions.

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