At San Diego Pest Control, we are top experts at treating many commercial buildings. Why can we say that? Each of our technicians are familiar regarding the pest issues faced by many businesses in the San Diego region. To obtain skill and growth development, our technicians attend seminars and training sessions every year to ensure that we stay current on the latest techniques and strategies for protecting your buildings.

Commercial Pest Services at San Diego Pest Control

We want your employees to be safeguarded as much as your business. That is why, we formulate safe pesticides and practice a swift solution to your problems.

Losing profit is a great loss to a business. Our services aim to be 100% efficient, and lets you resume operations without disturbance.

Our treatment varies from one business to another. Everything depends on the location and nature of the business. If your industry is about food then we’ll have to deal with rodents and cockroaches. If it is a building or a work space, you’ll probably need the same treatment as restaurants but you may also avail termites, bed bugs (if you have sofas or bed stations), and termites.

When our commercial pest control technicians come to your facility they’ll work to take care of your current pest problems, as well as prevent future pest problems.

We are 100% sure that our pest experts are highly-trained and equipped with only the best materials before engaging the infected area. Our professionals use only the safest and most effective pest treatments available today.


San Diego Commercial Pest Services

We take our mission of protecting San Diego companies from pests and rodents extremely seriously.

Establishments we cater

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Hospital and Nursing Homes
  • Government Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Non-food Courier Facilities

Listed above are only some of the properties we treat. At San Diego Pest Control, we don’t believe in taking a one-size-fits-all plan to pest control. Each business is unique, with unique needs. This is why each of our pest control treatment plans is custom designed to solve the pest problems of your specific company.


If you want to explore what San Diego Pest Control can do for you, give us a call at (858) 609-6858 today. Also, make sure to ask about our ongoing pest control services and guarantees. Our San Diego commercial pest control exterminators are available to discuss all questions you might have, call today!

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