brown recluse spider

Finding a friendly and helpful pest? You might just found the one you are looking for!

Above all pests mentioned in this website, most types of spiders are harmless and can help with removing other kinds of pest. If you have watched a national geographic episode featuring this creature, you’ll know that webs are created to attract and serve as a trap for other pests like bugs or butterflies to be the source of food of spiders.

Because of this, fewer pests are seen in household thanks to their help.

Of course, more of this is annoying to be seen at home. Most of their webs are becoming like dusts hanging in the edges of picture frames or on the corner of every wall and ceilings.

At San Diego Pest Control, we also specialize in removing spiders. We believe that even if there are harmless insects, harmful and venomous ones are also existing.

Two types of venomous spiders in San Diego, CA

  • Black Widow Spider
  • Brown Recluse Spider

Black Widow vs Brown Recluse

Both of them are venomous and are strangely found in dark and rarely cleaned areas. If you just poked in your attic without even looking, there is a chance that these creatures will crawl up to your sleeves and bite you and leave bad effects to your help.

As a pest expert, it is always good to know the difference of the two so that you’ll know how to deal with them expertly.

  1. Appearance. From their names, a black widow is black in color with a red in the middle of its body. Its body is shiny. While a brown recluse is brown or wood like color.
  2. Female kinds are bigger. The female kind is a lot bigger compared to the male kind. Also, females tend to live longer than a male spider. The sting or venom also comes from females because they are the ones who bite humans or other animals when provoked.
  3. Their bite causes sickness. Not all, but most of the humans that were bitten by these tend to have an allergic reaction. Sometimes you can’t feel or tell that you are bitten by it. You’ll just feel the pain for an hour or so. Neurological symptoms can be seen on children and elderly when bitten by black widow.
  4. They lay more eggs. Black widows tend to produce 20 to 900 eggs in one sac. Brown recluse can have up to 50 eggs per sac. Even though black widow spiders have more eggs than brown recluse, they still have more eggs laid. More eggs, more chances of getting bitten.
  5. Aggressiveness. Although both species bite humans when provoked, brown recluse spiders is a bit less aggressive than black widow spiders. They rarely attack. But we should never let our guard down, it is still a venomous pest.


Spider Removal

You can always dispose these pests on your own if it is just a normal, harmless spider. But if you ever encounter or feel like you have one of the 2 dangerous kinds, you should call San Diego Pest Control immediately!

Our experts have proper protective suits and environment friendly materials to help get rid of these pests entirely. Give us a call at (858) 609-6858 today to get any questions answered and schedule your appointment.

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